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Cuisines of Orissa


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Cuisines of Orissa

Oriyas (people of Orissa) have their own culinary traditions. The cuisines are rich in spices and vegetables cooked in local style. The spices viz. Pancha-phutana, a mix of cumin, mustard, fennel, fenugreek and kala zeera is widely used for tempering vegetables and dals, while garam masala (curry powder) and haldi (turmeric) are commonly used for non-vegetarian curries. A typical Oriya veg meal consists of rice, lentils (dal), vegetable curries and pickles. The flavour of fish curries is typically associated with Bengali cuisines.

Oriyas are very much fond of sweets. Rasagolla and Chhenapoda are enjoyed by all. Kheer (rice cooked with sweet condensed milk) is served after the meal during festive occasions.

Oriya Food Items

    * Channa Dali - Channa dal with coconuts, raisins, dry fruits, mild spices

    * Dalma - Mixed lentils with various vegetables

    * Khechedi - Rice and lentils with vegetables and occasionally potato

    * Luchi - Unleavened flour bread deep fried in oil

    * Mitha Bhata - Mildly sweetened rice with assorted spices

    * Moong Dali - Mung bean dal cooked with coconuts and mild spices

    * Parata - Layered wheat bread rolled out in triangular or round shape and tawa-fried

    * Polao - Rice in clarified butter with raisins, nuts, vegetables, whole spices

    * Puri - Unleavened whole wheat flour bread deep fried in oil

    * Pakhala - Rice fermented in water with yoghurt and seasonings.


    * Alu Bhaja - Potato slices fried in oil with whole spices

    * Alu Dum - Spicy potato curry

    * Alu Mattar - Diced potatoes and peas curry

    * Alu Phoolkobi Bhaja - Diced potato and cauliflower florets sauteed in oil and spices

    * Alu Potala Rasa - Curried potatoes and gourd

    * Besara - Assorted vegetables stir fried in panch phutana, mild pastes and oil

    * Charchari - Sauteed mixed vegetables, diced potatoes and shrimp in a spicy mustard sauce

    * Chhencheda - Lightly spiced fish head and mixed vegetables

    * Chungdi Malai - Freshwater prawn cooked in coconut milk and spices

    * Crab Kalia - A spicy crab curry

    * Dahi Baingana - Deep fried eggplant slices in a spiced yoghurt sauce

    * Dahi Maachha - fried fish in a mildly spiced yoghurt sauce

    * Ghanto/Ghanta - Vegetable medley and spice powders sauteed in oil

    * Ghuguni - Boiled Peas and spices cooked in oil and then lightly curried

    * Kankara Jhola - Crab meat and potatoes in rich gravy with panch phutana

    * Khatta - Literally meaning "sour" in Oriya, a sweet and sour marmalade served as a side

    * Posto - Poppyseed paste cooked with assorted vegetables and/or potato

    * Soriso Maacha - Pan fried fish in a mustard gravy

    * Saaga - Fried green leafy vegetables sometimes with lentil balls (bori)

    * Santula - Lightly spiced assortment of steamed vegetables

    * Tomato chutney - Very sweet chutney made of tomatoes, dates and sugar.


    * Chhenna Poda - Baked sweetened ricotta cheese

    * Kalakand - Shaped sweets made from condensed milk

    * Khaja - Shaped dough fried and drizzled with sugar syrup

    * Kheeri - Rice cooked in sweetened condensed milk

    * Laddoo - Sweet balls made from lentils and dry fruits

    * Lassi - Sweet chilled yoghurt drink, occasionally flavored in rose water

    * Malpua - Sweetened deep fried batter of a mixture of bananas and flour

    * Pitha - Coconut, lentil, jaggery, condensed dairy products in crepes

    * Rassabali - Flattened disks of ricotta cheese soaked in sweetened condensed milk

    * Rasagolla - Sweet dumplings in syrup

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