Sports in Odisha

Odisha is one state of India where sports are given a lot of importance and many steps are taken to encourage the youth to involve in sports and persue them as their career. The government of Odisha ensure to provide every possible facility to the youth and develop their interest in these activities. Odisha has produced some of very renowned sportsperson like Padmashree Dillip Tirkey, Padmashree Ignace Tirkey and Rachita Mistri Panda who have begged Olympic medals for India. Apart from them a lot many other player from Odisha have achieved heights in different sports. The craze for sports in Odisha is not new but has been carried forward from generations, though the likings for games have now changed a lot.

Odisha famous sports

New famous games have taken the place of age old traditional games. Sports are also made a mandatory is schools, sports and physical education is introduced in school syllabus. Panchayat Yuvakredaaurkhelabhijan (PYKKA) is started by the Sports & Youth Services Department to focus on tribal areas. The department hosts many national level competitions in Odisha to promote sports in Odisha. Sport facilities are provided to the disable people. Necessary measures are taken to promote sports among disable people. Cash award and incentives are also offered to these people. playing fields are promoted in urban areas. Hockey stadium in Bhubhaneshwar, Weightlifting academy at Behrampur, Aquatic sports academy, etc for the promotion of sports. Sports hostels is being strengthened to make training available to the masses. State level sports meet is organized every year to promote tradition sports of Odisha.

Famous Sports of Odisha

Few games that are liked and enjoyed in Odisha are basketball, kabbadi, wrestling, table tennis, gymnastic, baseball, Wt. lifting, cricket, hockey, Football, boxing, athletics etc. Some of the great hockey players of repute like Dilip Tirkey, Ignes Tirkey and Lajrus Barla hails from Odisha. Gudu, Kelibadi, kabadi, Nadia Phinga( Coconut Throwing), Rasi Tana( Rope Pulling), Kho Kho and Puchi were some of the traditional games played in Odisha. These sports are have infact become the part of life of the people. Schools in Odisha are letting no stone unturned to keep up the craze of traditional games of Odisha in children.

Sports & Youth Services Department

Sports & Youth Services Department, is committed to produce international level sportsmen from Odisha.The government has started this initiative to promote sport activities amongst the youth of Odisha for their physical as well as mental growth. This department has to try hard to bring up sports in Odisha as the sport sector is not very developed in Odisha because of lack of basic infrastructure. The department not only promotes sports but also thrives hard to induce sportsmanship in the youth and the qualities like team spirit, honesty, healthy competition, discipline, leadership quality, discipline etc. the department is working hard to provide adequate sports infrastructure to the youth of the state and to promote to pursue different sports as their career. The department promote the youth of Odisha and also provide special training for excelling in sports. It also lays stress in safeguarding the and keeping live the traditional games of Odisha.

Sports & Youth Services Department, Government of Odisha
C/1,Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
TEL : 0674-2390268
E-mail : [email protected]

Odisha Council of Sports

Orissa Council of Sports aims to improve the sports facility in Odisha. It was introduced as a separate body to lay its full concentration on improvement of sports in Odisha. The main objectives of Odissa council of sports are to assist the state government in all sports & games related matters. The role of council is very eminent here to keep the craze of various games going. It also aims to provide infrastructural facilities to various games sporting institutions in the state.

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Government Schemes in Odisha

Government of Odisha offers its full support to the Sports & Games in Odisha. Odisha has produced many sportsperson of International standards. Department of Sports and Youth Services a department of Govt. of Odisha dedicated to look out for sports facilties in Odisha has announced various welfare schemes for sportsmen, to develop sports in the state. These Schemes are either Central, State or a collaboration of Centre and the State.

Scheme of State Sports Hostel

The State Sports Hostel Scheme was launched in Odisha in 1985. The main objective of this policy was to let talented young Sports persons to take a systematic coaching for a long period. In this process after a rigorous process of tests including anthropometrics and a series of battery of tests young talented boys and girls in the age group of 10-14 yrs. are selected. On the basis of their performance in these tests they are selected. At present there are 14 Sports Hostels and 3 Centers of Excellence in Odisha. The trainees are given a stipend of Rs. 2250/- per head per month. Along with it they are also provided with the sports kits, medicines, uniforms, beddings and fees for attending different National/International tournaments and coaching camp.
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Issue of Identity Card to Sportperson

This policy was introduced in November 19, 1985 where the Sports & Youth Services department has adopted a Sports Policy to ensure a systematic effort for development of sports and games in the state. Under this policy one percent of the jobs in the Government and public sector organizations are reserved for deserving sportsmen of State level if they meet the minimum educational requirements.
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Scheme of Grant in Aid to Sports Association

In Scheme of Grant in Aid to Sports Association which was introduced in 30/01/1986 by department of Sports & Youth Services. An Annual grant is given to State, District and Small level Sports Associations to continue normal sports activities. In the year 1973 a set of Rules were framed to sanction the Grant in aid to these institutions. A revised set of rules and procedures have been introduces to regulate payment of Grant in aid.
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Scheme of Weightage

The scheme of weightage was introduced in 26/07/1997. According to this scheme weightage is given to the sports person for admission into Educational institutions and other purpose with respect to their participations in sports quota. Separate Selection list is prepared for three categories i.e. SC/ST, Girls, Boys (General). Preference is given to the candidates securing positions in individual events then positions in Team events considering the levels National level/Inter-State Open Sports Championship / Tournaments / Women Sports Festivals.
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Cricket in Odisha

Cricket in OdishaOrissa Cricket Association governs all the Cricket activities in the Odisha. Odisha has a its own state team known as Odisha cricket team.It has also won Ranji trophy. A local Twenty-20 tournament which is known as Odisha Premier League (OPL) was started in 2011 by Odisha Cricket Association. For cricket the infrastructure facilities are pretty good in Odisha like Barabati Stadium, OCA Club, newly built Sachin Tendulkar Indoor cricket hall, complex and many grounds like DRIEMS cricket stadium,SCB medical ground, Ravenshaw university ground, Basundhara (Bidanasi) ground, Nimpur ground, Sunshine Ground etc. Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) selects the deserving candidates for playing for the state team. The Odisha Cricket AssociationheldsOdisha Premier League every year to promote cricket.

Orissa Cricket Association
Affiliated to Board of Control for Cricket in India
Barabati Stadium, Cuttack - 753005
Ph : 91-671-2301702
E-mail : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Football in Odisha

Odisha has its own Odisha Football Team representing the state in various tournaments.. The Football Association of Odisha, the official football body of Odisha governs the team. Odisha has appeared in all recent Santosh Trophy Tournaments but never won it. Odisha also organizes Odisha First Division League which is the highest state-level football league in Odisha.It is considered to be the 3rd tier of Indian Football in national level.

Address : Barabati Stadium, Cuttack – 753005, Odisha, India
Telephone: 0671-2301459, Fax: 0671-2307459.

Hockey in Odisha

Rourkela in Odisha is known as the Hockey Capital of Odisha. The Orissa Steelers is the state hockey team of Odisha.They also won the Premier Hockey League 2007. Premier Hockey League is the India's only Hockey national league level Field tournament. Orissa Steelerswas known as Rourkela Steelers.Odisha has produced many international level like DilipTirkey, who was also the captain of the Orissa Steelers, leads Indian national Hockey team, Jyoti Sunita Kullu winner of gold medal in Commonwealth games, England.

Sports Schemes in Odisha

Sportsman Pension

As per Sportsman Pension, Sports persons and Martial Artists are given Sports persons pensions @ Rs. 2,000/- per month. The Sports persons and Martial Artists benefiting from pension schemes are selected by the government. Sport persons at least 50 years of age in case of male and 40 years if female are eligible. Relaxation of maximum period 10 years is provided in case of sudden incapacitate by an injury or is physical handicapped or suffering from serious ailments. The eligible persons income should not exceed Rs. 12,000/- per annum. Further the nominee should not be convicted of any criminal offence. In case of Martial Arts and Akhadas the applicants should have participated at least 5 times either in state level or District level. Should have made significant contribution to the recognized Sports & Games including Martial Arts and Akhadas. If in Sports events, the applicant must have represented the State at least twice in Senior or Junior.
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Financial Assistance to Outstanding Sports Persons for International Participation

A scheme called Financial Assistance to outstanding sports persons for International Participation was initiated by Sports & Youth Services in 14/01/2003. According to this scheme the outstanding sports persons of the State are rendered financial support to expose their talent in the International tournament/competitions. To avail this facility sportsmen should be a permanent resident of the State of Odisha, should be a participant of lower level competition, should have performed outstanding in the State level competition, shouls have participated in approved disciplines of IOC or IOA or GOI or SAI or Government of Odisha.
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Pay and Play Scheme

"Pay and Play" was started by Sports & Youth Services on 25/09/2012 to ensure the utilization of available sports infrastructure in the State. It encourages Sportsperson and community use these facility.
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Sports Awards in Odisha

Sports Awards in Odisha

Biju Patnaik Sports Award Scheme

Government in Sports & Youth Services Department started Biju Patnaik Award for Outstanding Performance in Promotion of Sports & Games. Biju Patnaik Award is the most honored award by Government of Odisha given to Sports Persons/Coaches/Sports Journalists of the State. It is given for outstanding performance and for promotion of sports & games. It is awarded in 4 categories (Life Time Achievement, Sportsman of the Current year, Outstanding Coach, Outstanding Sports Journalist).

Biju Patnaik Life Time Achievement Award
Given for : Promotion of Sports & Games
Cash Award - Rs. 1,50,000/-
Silver Statuette, Scroll of honour, Blazer & Tie

Biju Patnaik Award
Given for : Outstanding Performance in Sports & Games for the Current year
Cash Award - Rs. 1,00,000/-
Silver Statuette, Scroll of honour, Blazer &Tie

Biju Patnaik Outstanding Coach Award
Given for : Coach Award
Cash Award - Rs. 50,000/-
Silver Statuette, Scroll of honour, Blazer & Tie

Biju Patnaik Outstanding Sports Journalist Award
Given for : Sports Journalist Award
Cash Award - Rs. 30,000/-
Silver Statuette, Scroll of honour, Blazer &Tie

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Cash Awards to Sports Persons

Sports & Youth Services Department has introduced incentive/cash awards to the outstanding Sports persons to encourage them to actively pursue a career in Sports and to give better performance in future.The cash award is decided on basis of achievement of the Sports persons. Cash awards are given to outstanding Sports persons every year for achievement in preceding year in National/International events. Concerned State level Associations send the list of winning Sports persons to the Directorate of Sports & Y.S by 15th April of every year. the cash award are awarded to selected Sports persons in a specially arranged function.

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Financial Assistance to Sports persons to Pursue Sports Coaching Courses

Due to financial restrains some deserving candidates are not able to take part in coaching given by SAI, NSNIS, Patiala. financial assistance is provided to sports persons of odisha to coaching by SAI, NSNIS coaching courses, so as to improve their chance of success.

Adventure and Water sports in Odisha

Odisha apart from being a heavenly adobe of a number of temples is also a paradise for adventurous and water sports. Odisha because of its perfect location on eastern coast of India is becoming a popular spot for adventure lovers. Odisha has facilities of many adventurous sports and activities, keeping you in action and offering a loads of fun & excitement. Not only the lovely beaches but a number of high hills in Orissa has a lot to offer. Some of the water sports offered are peddle boat, water parasailing, speed boats, jet ski, banana boat etc. Some of the famous water sports spots are Hans coco palm, sterling resort puri and Mangala river. Other adventurous sports facilities always keeping you involved are hiking, wind surfing, camping etc. These activities always keeps you engaged in fun and adventure.
Some of the various adventurous and water sports offered by Odisha are trekking, surfing and boating.

Trekking in Odisha

Odisha has lot to offer to trekkers and mountain lovers. Trekking in Odisha can be done up to a height of about 1600m. while trekking in you turn out to be lucky you can even spot wild animals like spotted deer, elephants etc. Trekking routes that are considered to be best are Nilagiri Trek, Mahendragiri Trek and Gandhamardan Trek. The ideal time for Trekking is considered to be between October-January in Odisha.

Canoeing & Boating

Odisha is located along the eastern coast of India and a number of water bodies in Odisha makes it a superb palce for canoeing and boating. Dhabaleswar and Barkul are considered to be among the best place for such adventurous activities.


The Beaches of Odisha offer a lot many facilities for surfing. The beaches famous for surfing in Odisha are Gopalpur-on-Sea, Chandipur Beach etc.

Sports Stadiums in Odisha

Sports are and have always been an integral part of the lives of people of Odisha. Government is also helping sportsmen by bringing up many schemes for the benefit of the sportsperson and providing them good opportunities to take part in different sports in national and international level. Sports stadium and other sports infrastructure are a vital part of achieving heights in any sport. In Odisha there are many stadiums which have been a host to some of the very famous sports tournaments and are their names are mentioned in golden letters in history of sports of Odisha. Here are few very famous sports stadium in Odisha.

Kalinga Stadium
Address – Bidyut Marg, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Barabati Stadium
Address - Stadium Rd, Biju Patnaik Colony
Cuttack, Odisha, India

Railway Cricket Stadium
Address - Mancheshwar Station Rd,
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

Sports Personalities of Odisha

Sports Personalities of Odisha

Odisha is one state of India that gives a lot of importance to sports. Many sports personalities from Odisha had made it proud in not only in state but in national and international level.Olympics is considered to be the highest honor that is rewarded to any sportsman. An Olympic winner not only brings proud to its state but to the complete nation. There are few distinguished players from Odisha who have begged Olympic awards and had made a history. Here are their names and few details about their achievements.

Padmashree Dilip Tirkey

Hockey in OdishaDillip Tirkey, the famous hockey player, is the only tribal man from Odisha to lead in three Olympics games. His international career was started in 1995. He is the only one to play highest 412 international games, which is also second largest in international level. Born on 25th November 1977 he participated in 1996 Atlanta Olympic, 2000 Sydney Olympic and 2004 Athens Olympic. He was awarded on numerous occasions and is recipient of Arjuna award, Ekalabya Award, ONGC Hockey Year Book Award, Biju Pattnaik Sports Persons of the year in 2004, Ricko Hockey Man of the year in 2009 and Padmashree Award in 2004.

Padmashree Ignace Tirkey

He played for Indian hockey team as mid fielder and captain. He started his international career in February 2001 playing against Belgium, at Bangalore. Born on 10 May 1981 Ignace Tirkey participated in 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He became the first Indian to win Asian Cup for India. He is also recipient of Arjun award. Government of India awarded him Padmashree award in 2010.

Jyoti Sunita Kullu

Famous sports of OdishaSelected for Indira Gandhi Women Hockey Tournament in 1994 this famous player was born on 10 September 1978 in Sundergarh. She scored highest in 2002 Champions Challenge by hitting five goals in six matches at Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2002 she won gold medal in Commonwealth games held at England. Received Arjun Award for her excellence in the field of Hockey which further elevated her position as a hockey player.

Debasish Sarbeswar Mohanty

Debasis, a right arm medium fast bowler was born on July 20, 1976 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He is second highest wicket taker 1999 Cricket World Cup. The young talent represented Odisha and East Zone in the Ranji trophy and Duleep Trophy respectively. He climbed into the top 20 of the ICC ODI world rankings by playing 17 ODI’s and picking up 29 wickets at an average

Ravi Kumar

Born and brought up at Berhampur, Odisha, Ravi Kumar is a famous for his weightlifting ability.
He won various medals and ensured the popularity of the game.
He won
-3 gold medals in 2009 Commonwealth Game held at Penang, Malaysia.
-3 gold medals in New Delhi Commonwealth games in 2010 by lifting147kg in snatches, 175 kg in clean and jerk and a total 321 kg in weightlifting
-won silver in common wealth game 2014
In 2011, he won 3 bronze medals in senior weightlifting championship held at Tongling, China.
He won 3 gold medals in senior weightlifting championship held at Bangalore.
Won “Arjuna award” for his outstanding performance in sports.

Anuradha Biswal

As an athlete Anuradha Biswal specializes in100 metre hurdles. She holds national record of 13.38 seconds for 100 m hurdles on 26 August 2002 during the DDA Raja Bhalendra Singh National Circuit meet held at the Nehru Stadium in Delhi. Born on 1 January 1975 she won bronze medal in 2000 at the Asian Championship in Jakarta

Padmini Rout

Born in 1994 in Odisha she started her career in 2003 at a mere age of 9. As a prolific chess player
she holds the title of Women Grandmaster and is winner of World Under 14 girl's championship, 2008. Padmini has won five Asian and four national titles. Some of her notable achievements are:
  • Asian Youth Girls Chess Champion in 2005 and 2006
  • National U13 Girls Chess Champion in 2006
  • World U14 (Girls) Champion in 2008
  • The Continental Asian Junior Girls Champion in 2009
  • Third position in the Asian Junior (Girls U20) championship 2010
  • Third position in the girl's World Junior Championship 2010
  • Finished third in the Asian Individual Women Chess Championship in 2011

Shiv Sunder Das

Cricket in OdishaHe plays for Odisha and is a right handed opening batsman. Born in November 5, 1977 he was selected in National Cricket Academy in Bangalore in 2000 and represented India in 23 Test matches. He scored 1,326 runs at an average of 38.91 which included two centuries. The young talent was declared ''Man of the Series'' award in 2001during his tour to Zimbabwe. He also hit 250 in 2002 during India's tour to England.

Rachita Mistri PandaRachita Mistri Panda

An athelet she beat P.T. Usha's record in year 2000 July 31. Rachita Mistri Panda with a timing of 11.26 secs for 100 mts race was the one to beat P.T. Usha record for fastest 100 mt race. Born on 4 March 1974 at Rourkela she bagged Arjuna Award in 1998 and also participated in Sidney Olympics.

Odisha is one state of India that gives the required attention to the sports facilities in its state. Since early ages sports have played an important role in the lives of people of Odisha. Odisha has also produced many international level sportsmen who have made our country proud. There is a commendable support by the government of Odisha to encourage young people of Odisha to persue sports as a career. the sports infrastructure is gradually increasing. Even steps are being taken to make traditional sports of Odisha popular among youth. The efforts put on by the government of Odisha to encourage sports are setting up an example for other states.

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